Welcome to Tech-EZ, a fully-fledged I.T. Solution specializing in repair, network cabling, system upgrades, and more.

Information Technology (I.T.) San Antonio

We have the technological expertise and resources that support highly available, secure, and flexible I.T. systems. Being knowledgeable in business and technology, Tech-EZ provides you with a balanced perspective and real-world I.T. solutions that fit your unique personal and business needs.

What matters to you matters to us. At Tech-EZ, we take the time to listen and understand your goals. Our I.T. solutions are created based on your specific needs and measured daily to ensure we’re helping to achieve your goals. We won’t stop until everything is working smoothly and you are 100% satisfied.


We are located in San Antonio and cater to both residential and commercial needs. We know how important technology is today and pride ourselves on our detailed and thorough work, making sure all I’s are dotted and t’s crossed. 


Unlike other premier IT Solutions Services, we extend our hassle-free repair service to YOUR home or business. This service includes fixing your laptops, computers, and removing viruses from your system. We also do system upgrades, network cabling, and hardware maintenance — right at the comfort of your home or businesses. 



We are friendly, professional, and highly skilled Computer Repair Technicians with vast experience working with various computer parts and repair. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses and individuals in San Antonio with their computer repair needs. Whether you are experiencing problems with your desktop, laptop, or networks, we are ready to help.



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Break-fix is a service we provide that centers around offering assistance on a whim. We know how sudden technology changes. Whether it needs to be upgraded, serviced, or randomly broke, our service is there to make last-minute appointments to get it done. For any short-term tasks that have to do with I.T., you can enroll in this service and use it whenever you need it. You won’t need to pay for whatever isn’t needed. You pay per job, as opposed to paying a continuous sum for managed services.


Remote support services allow our local technicians to provide you with fast service while saving you money and increasing productivity. We Don’t even have to be at the same location. We monitor your network and computers 24/7 and continuously create reports while being proactive with any problems that may arise.


We have practical experience designing I.T. networks utilizing hybrid merchant technologies and have effectively outlined and executed many of these arrangements for our clients. Whether you need a full network plan or deployment, or a site overview, rest assured that Tech-EZ can help.


we specialize in handling I.T. operations responsible for the entire or parts of your business I.T. systems. Depending upon the Service Level Agreement (SLA), Managed Service Providers like us may provide 24/7 monitoring, issue resolution, reporting, and many more.


Whether you’re creating a brand new network from the ground up or have issues uploading a file, we are always here to help. Our process is simple; we will assign you a dedicated superior technician and a crew of backup assistance technicians to guarantee that you receive the highest level of assistance. 


Our success is based on the success of our own clients. We thoroughly concentrate on every client’s business and goals by utilizing our Business Analysis and I.T. consulting team. We make sure we get everything in detail to deliver quality solutions.


Hardware and software resources make up an entire network that enables connectivity, communication, operations, and management. It is the communication path that connects services between users, processes, applications, services, and the internet.

There are three categories of network components—devices such as computers, printers and phones, media, and services. The path that makes this communication possible from one source to a destination can be as simple as a single cable to a computer or a network that spans the globe.

Since most business operations rely on your network’s functioning, an unreliable system can severely affect business operations. A secure network infrastructure minimizes downtime and ensures that productivity remains as consistent as possible, no matter what arises.

The components or devices of an infrastructure of a network that transports communications needed for data, applications, services, and multi-media include the following: 

  • RoutersFirewalls
  • Switches
  • Servers
  • load-balancers
  • intrusion detection systems
  • domain name systems
  • storage area networks.


When it comes to I.T. service and solutions, we at TECH-EZ are known for our vast knowledge, work ethic, and customer service. We can provide come-to-you computer repair and service assistance throughout the San Antonio area. If you are in need of a hardware or software related issue, we can fix it in no time.

Our professionals acknowledge that not everyone is familiar with the I.T. lingo, which can get challenging to explain to a non-specialist. We listen to you carefully and explain everything to you in a way that you will easily comprehend. That way, you will feel comfortable asking any questions you may have about the service.

We provide reliable and efficient I.T. support to our clients across San Antonio. One of the most common issues amongst our clients is computer getting infected by a virus or experiencing an unfortunate drop that leads to external damage; we have you covered! We can repair and service your P.C. desktop, laptop, and any Mac computer or laptop. Or, we can customize a network in your home or office as per your requirements.

Traits of a GREAT Managed I.T. Service Provider

Make sure that your I.T. Service company:


Calls you back in a timely manner. This can be critical if something is going wrong and you can’t retrieve the data needed. Every IT company is different, and response times vary. Ask for their guaranteed – yes, say the word guaranteed – time they will:

  • Call you back when needed
  • Fix Issues
  • Come to your business


Is an actual networking. Service that also offers repair service

It’s important to know the rules and guidelines these networks need to follow. For example, if you run a healthcare practice, you need to make sure the company is well-educated in EHRs, HIPPAA, and any management software.

Look for someone who can act as a consultant and create a customized solution to meet your special requirements. They should have the ability to explain everything in a way that you and your employees can comprehend and how it will impact your business operations.


Offers access to a team of experienced technicians who provide on-call service 24/7. They should ensure that your I.T. network infrastructure is always available, And you have access to technicians who can ensure you are following best practices.


Guarantees service agreements.Your network should be monitored 24 hours a day to act on any issues before there are any interruptions or downtime that can disrupt your place of business.


Will work with you on a budget for the services you require.A right I.T. service company will offer services with a straightforward budget, no surprises. They will help with solutions that you can write off as operating expenses. Your provider should offer a customized package of services for a fixed monthly fee that you can count on.


Can deliver a highly secure I.T. environment in order to be worry-free of viruses, malware, and hackers stealing your confidential data. It’s important to note that They should use best-of-breed technologies that block data intrusions and eliminate them before they enter your network. They should also help you maintain I.T. security compliance for industry and government regulations.


Provides Business Stability and Disaster Recovery Solutionswith both onsite and offsite cloud backups to ensure you can always access your data in the most unfortunate situations like a storm. Continuous backups and thorough testing to ensure your data is easily recoverable is a must.


Is proactive in their ongoing supportso you can have the peace of mind that your I.T. network will run as it should. Having a great company will allow you can focus on your work process rather than worrying about technology problems.


Offers lots of different services and solutions you can choose from. It’s important that the I.T. Provider is well educated in all aspects of I.T. and can offer many different services, like, hosted cloud services, VoIP business phones, mobile device management, wireless services, virtual CIO services, and more. If they don’t, it’s highly doubtful they can customize a specific solution that meets your needs.


Knows your success is how they succeed.I.T. Providers must know your business and your goals in order to help network and automate your process. Ask about other clients and their success rate. If they seem happy to give that info, you are probably speaking to the right people.